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Heart Rate

Heart rate reading is designed for sleep tracking, sleep training and more general wellness purposes. Heart rate slows down when baby starts to fall into sleep. Reading the heart rate helps the parents to know how shallow or deep the baby is sleeping, which is helpful for sleep tracking and training. For example, parents can put the baby down into crib if its heart rate starts to slow down (in healthy range), which is a good practice of sleep training. An example of general wellness is NORA can detect elevated heart rate (in healthy range) in feeding.

Feeling Temperature

The NORA sensor measures the foot temperature, which is always lower than the body's core temperature. It's a good indicator that the baby is feeling too warm or chills, so you know to put on more or less. It's very useful when the baby is travelling in a vehicle.

Sleep Position

Babies should always sleep on backs. The sensor estimates the baby's sleep position and sends you on-stomach alerts when the baby accidentally rolls over on its stomach or someone gets started holding the baby in arms. The position alert can override iOS or Android settings like the do-not-disturb. The alert is a smart one to avoid false alarms. For example, it requires baby was in deep sleep and suddenly baby was on-stomach. It's not that every time the sensor is flipped it will alert.

Sleep Tracking

The sleep quality gives you an overlook of the baby's sleeping history and pattern. You can easily check how many hours your baby slept. A baby's sleep pattern evolves everyday as it grows everyday. It's very useful when you do a sleep training on your baby since 3-month-old.

Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind when the NORA Sock keeps an eye on your baby.

Comfy Soft

Special foam-like fabric is super soft, cushioning and stretchable.

Quick Recharging

Recharge 30 min by USB-C for 30 hours battery life.






Sock Sizes


Bluetooth Range

New Long-Range Model

For future independent sleepers. Long-range's 60ft can cover the whole house in most cases.






Sock Sizes


Bluetooth Range

NORA Smart Sock

All support 'Diaper Mode'.

Why Diaper Mode?

Supporting the 'Diaper Mode' is very necessary because babies over 6-month-old start to grab and strip socks. The NORA sensor is able to hide in the diaper, draws little attention and allows a much longer use to 3-years-old.

Allow to Learn Skills

Switch to the Diaper Mode, so babies can start to learn skills like pushing feet, crawling, sitting and standing.

Road Trips

Thanks to the NORA's direct wireless link to your smartphone, you can use it anywhere. It does not require WiFi or internet, so you can enjoy road trips and even flights with the NORA keeping an eye on your baby.

Smart Alerts

All critical alerts are smart ones to avoid false alarms. For example, it requires baby was in deep sleep and suddenly baby was on-stomach to trigger on-stomach alert. It's not that every time the sensor is flipped it will alert. Handpicked and authorized by Apple Inc., the iOS APP can post ‘Critical Alerts’ on your iPhone. It overrides the Do-Not-Disturb or Silent-mode. It makes sure your iPhone can produce a sound even in the middle of the night even you put on Do-Not-Disturb on purposely. For Android, please manually allow DND override in settings.

Flexible Alerts

All notifications and alerts in the NORA Sock App can be individually turned on or off, so it fits into your situation without compromise. Heart rate and sleep position are 'critical alerts'. They can override Silent-mode and Do-not-disturb. The overriding can be enabled or disabled in iPhone and Android settings.

Quick Recharging

Recharge over USB type-C. Charge 10 min and use 10 hours, charge 30 min and use 30 hours. Do not charge on a computer port. Use any USB wall adapter. A USB to USB-C charge-only cable is included in the box.

Ultra-Soft Hollow Cotton

The patent pending NORA sock use a special type of fabrics called 'hollow cotton'. It's two layers of cotton with 1mm air cushion gap in between. It's ultra soft and comfy. The wave-like edges are specially designed to protect skin and leave minimal pressing mark. Although battery life is long, don't put on the sock for very long time. Let skin breath.

3 Sizes Included

In the Box, NORA provides 1 sensor and 3 ultra soft fabric socks. The sensor attaches to the fabric sock by Velcros. The small sock is for newborn to 3-month-old. The medium is for up to 6-month-old. The large is for up to 18-month-old.

Patents Pending

Patented sock and diaper dual modes. The patent pending ultra-soft laser-cut fabric socks made of a special type of fabrics with wave-like edges leaving minimal pressing marks on the skin. Patented real-time optical waveform. Design and trademark protected by USPTO and CNIPA.

No Monthly Fee
No Internet Required
No Data Collection

All data is strictly stored on your iPhone or Android phones. No user registration needed. NORA does NOT collect any user data.

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Causes minimal discomfort to the baby. Easy to use and accurate.


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Heart rate reading is intended for sleep tracking, sleep training and other general wellness purposes.

Not a hospital-grade or medical-grade device. This is a device that collects general wellness information. Do NOT use this product as a medical caring alternative.